This time we thought it might be a different idea to share some b/w workshop impressions.

Currently we are having good times working on following projects:

  • Cable granulator C-MD | Export to Potugal
  • Cable granulator C-2D | Mirror version | New cutting mill model
  • Fully automtic Feeding Hopper system | Brand new product
  • V-CAT Demo unit re-furbished | Export to Spain
  • C-4W unit | Refurbish mode

and last but not least:

  • C-2D cable granulating system | Brand new concept
This plant will contain following brand new concepts:
  1.  Single-shaft shredder | 18,5 kW
  2. Newest feeding belt equipment incl. Drum magnet
  3. Cutting mill with cross-cut system and a lot of more new features.
Furthermore and alongside with the named projects we are still having these machines in R&D mode to enter the sample manufacturing stage soon:
  • Newest Wet sorter line
  • New Dry sorter (600 mm width)
  • Rotary screening unit
  • Complete new line of Single-shaft shredders & Cutting mills

Stay curious!